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This month started off pretty slow, but I think I picked up the pace after about a week or so.
However, uploads have been later than I'd like them to be, so I need to work on that.
I also need to work on these sketches...
And when I say "work on", I really mean "stop doing so many".
I kind of also wanna start doing commissions and making prints, but I realize that I have to upload high-quality images first - which will be difficult until I have a scanner. How long have I been saying that I'll be getting a new scanner goddamn

:bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletpink: Day 182: Fly Away (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus inspired):
:bulletblack::bulletblue: Day 183: I'm Blue:
:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Day 184: Vault Boy (Fallout fan art):
:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletorange: Day 185: America (Fourth of July inspired):
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Day 186: Daryan (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney fan art):
:bulletwhite::bulletblack: Day 187: Winter:
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletpink: Day 188: The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway (Frozen fan art):
:bulletorange: Day 189: Orange:
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Day 190: Truth or Dare:
:bulletwhite::bulletblack: Day 191: The Butler (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All fan art):
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Day 192: Devious:
:bulletblue::bulletwhite: Day 193: Dolphin:
:bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Day 194: Eve (Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright fan art):
:bulletwhite::bulletblack: Day 195: Keeps Getting Better:
:bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletred::bulletyellow: Day 196: Bloody Mary (The Wolf Among Us fan art):
:bulletblue::bulletblack: Day 197: Start Anew:
:bulletblack::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletred: Day 198: Lindsay (Mystery Crimes fan art):
:bulletwhite::bulletblack: Day 199: Sketchworth (Ace Attorney fan art):
:bulletblack::bulletorange::bulletred: Day 200: A Puzzle (Professor Layton fan art):
:bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletpink::bulletyellow: Day 201: Comeback King (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies fan art):
:bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletred: Day 202: Violetta (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations fan art):
:bulletwhite::bulletblack: Day 203: Sykes:
:bulletred::bulletyellow: Day 204: Bezella (Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright fan art):
:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow: Day 205: Misery Business (Paramore inspired):
:bulletblack::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletwhite: Day 206: Knightley (Gyakuten Kenji 2 [Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path] fan art):
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Day 207: Gaspen (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies fan art):
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Day 208: The Ballad of Mona Lisa (Panic! at the Disco inspired):
:bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletyellow: Day 209: Wings of Green:
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Day 210: 23:
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Day 211: Mia (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney fan art):
:bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletpink: Day 212: Aya (Mad Father fan art):

Do I, uhh... Do I need to calm down with all that Ace Attorney fan art, or?
Sorry, I'm a fan.
While we're on the topic of fan art, I added two new folders in my gallery for "Okami" and "Ghost Trick".
As it stands, there are few deviations in those folders, but I'm planning on filling them up soon.
Also, regarding Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright fan art, I still put them in my "Other Fan Art" folder because it's a crossover game. Besides, Ace Attorney has enough characters to fill a folder as it is.

Am I wasting my time still hoping for a Gyakuten Kenji 2 localization?
I just really want it to happen, guys...

My favourite pieces this month were:
Day 185: America; because Americaaaa, fuck yeah! No, actually, I just wasn't expecting for it to turn out that good. Kind of drew it on a whim and I was damn impressed with the results.
Day  191: The Butler; because what can I say? It's only natural that one of my favourite characters would be a favoured deviation. Shelly's a bad ass. And I love his theme song.
Day 196: Bloody Mary; because this was one of those drawings that I'd been meaning to draw for a while, but I just wasn't confident enough to try yet. The finished product surprised me. Also, it's the closest I've gotten to drawing a realistic portrait in a long time.
Day 206: Knightley; because I spent a hell of a lot of time on this one for some reason. Normally when I'm using dark colours, there's always these uneven patches, but that didn't really happen with this drawing. What I'm saying is that I like the way the jacket turned out, okay.

Honourable mentions go to:
Day 195: Keeps Getting Better; because I just really liked how it turned out. Been a while since I've been impressed with how one of my eye drawings have turned out.
Day 199: Sketchworth; because, although it's a sketch, I just love Edgey okay leavemealone. Also, there's a considerable amount of improvement from my last drawing of Edgeworth.
Day 201: Comeback King; because... Actually, I was going to put this up with my favourites, but there's something about it that bothers me. I was certainly proud of it when I finished it, but after even an hour, there was something about it that seemed... off. But I just couldn't place it. I still can't, actually. I still really like the piece, though. Nick's also one of my favourite characters, so... yeah.

Goodbye July.
Just one more month of winter until hay fever season.
Yaaaaaaay. :|

Hope you guys are doing swell~
- Kelly :)


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Always listening to music.
Probably watching YouTube.
Hardly ever sleeping.
Never lose your flames.
I pledge allegiance to StayHappyStayWeird.

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